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Future   Royalty and 
tuition Program

The Future Royalty Program is designed to foster a foundation of dance so that our students are ready to move on at the age of 11 to the 12 and up classes at UDE. We offer many styles of dance for each age group, there is something for every little one. We hope to build relationships between students and encourage children with every class. Each class will build on the children’s physical development and they will discover mechanics of music: what is a steady beat? Why do we count to eight? Why do we dance slow or fast? In addition, we offer two performance opportunities each year (see below for more info). We do this all while having fun and getting our groove on.

Annual Registration Fee (non-refundable): 



$35/returning student

Monthly Tuition Rates

$5 discount for additional siblings

30 minutes- $65

45 minutes- $75

1 hour- $85

1.5 hours- $95

2 hours- $115

2.5 hours- $135

3 hours- $155

4 hours- $185

Registration Information

  1. Registration is done in person at studio.

  2. Class placement is made by age and ability.

  3. Parents are not allowed in class without permission of the instructor.

  4. Pay $40 ($50 for family) registration fee plus 1st month tuition to secure place in class. (1st month tuition will be based on when starting class during current month.)

  5. Tuition is due on the 1st of each month and late on the 4th. A $35 late fee will be added to tuition and a $5 daily late fee will be added up to the 15th of the month at which time dancer will be suspended from class until payment in full is made. Parent is still responsible for payment even if dancer is not attending class. Full payment must be made for dancer to return to class. Statements are not sent unless an account is delinquent.

  6. Tuition is the same amount regardless of long/short months. Tuition is based on 4 lessons per month with extra weeks on certain months applied to shorter months. There are NO refunds or adjustments due to absences, but makeup lessons are allowed and encouraged. Any class offered at the studio may be used as a makeup class regardless of style or level. Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable.

  7. If it is necessary to terminate a dancer’s enrollment before the end of the year, a written notification to the studio 30 day prior to the 1st of the month is required. If dancer drops before 30-day notice is received, payment for following month is still due.

  8. There is a $35 charge on all returned checks.

  9. Students will be automatically enrolled in Holiday Showcase (December) and The Royal Ball Showcase (May) when enrollment reaches level for participation unless given written notice prior to costume order. Once costume is paid and ordered, NO refunds will be given for costume after order date regardless of participation.

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