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Mersadyz Elizardo 


Mersadyz is primarily known as the “Princess of the Dancehall,” and she teaches several urban dance styles around Austin such as hip hop, street funk, and heel. She currently teaches hip hop at SMSD. She is also currently the assistant choreographer to Leslie Garcia and the assistant director/social media manager for the 3-time Grand National award-winning hip hop crew, The Empire. Mersadyz is the lead backup dancer and choreographer for hip hop artist Bri Berlay. Sady’s other dancing credits include backup dancing at Pride Fest Austin as well as for Austin’s drag king Oral Gami, and the hip hop group Triplets.

Mersadyz was a scholarship winner at the Streetz dance convention. Some fun facts about Mersadyz: she is a professional hairdresser and makeup artist, and she has been a dj for Graham Brothers Entertainment.

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